Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Accident, Happy Me

What's the accident?  What's making me so happy?  Five, count' em, five of my designs are featured in "The Best of Creative Jewelry" magazine!  (Well, actually 6.  Number 29 in the earring gallery is my design, but is accidentally credited to another designer.)  What is accidental about it?  I had no idea some of my designs were going to be republished.   

Whenever I drop by Barnes & Noble to restock the "To Read" pile on my nightstand I usually take a look-see at what's new in the magazine racks before I book shop and that is how I stumbled upon this.  

My first impulse was to run home right then and there to show my husband, but I somehow managed to make myself finish my intended book shopping and all those other mundane errands I had to do.  You shopping...trip to the unimportant when you suddenly find yourself published in a magazine.

There are so many of other fabulous designer featured in here as well;  Jean Campbell, Dustin Wedekind, Michelle Mach, Jamie Hogsett, Leslie Rogalski, Lorelei Eurto, Kerry Bogert, Andrew Thorton.....the list just goes on and on.  

In no particular order, some of my favorite designs are; necklaces "Crimson Magic," by Stephanie Glickman, and "Caribbean Blue," by Bonnie Clewans; bracelets, "Axis," by Nina Cooper and Leah Rivers, and "Bali Silver & Iolite," by Nancy Chase.  Earrings #1, 6, 20, and 30 also grabbed my attention

I have to be honest, my beady ego has been feeling a bit deflated lately which makes this one helluva much needed boost.

Anyway, here's a sneak peek at one of my bracelet designs.

And for those of you who are following my belly dance practice commitment, I am at 128 continuous days of dancing for a total of 6,138 minutes.  Pretty good, eh?