Sunday, January 15, 2012

Read! Answer! Win!

If you haven't already read the latest, February 2012, issue of "Bead & Button" magazine then you need to do so, and quickly.

Margie Deeb is running a 6 part Design & Color Mastery series and to celebrate she and Lark Books are having a little contest.

Here's how to play:
1.  Read the article, "Capturing and Keeping Attention" on page 30.
2. E-mail Margie with the correct answers to these three questions:
    A.  List 3 elements you can use to create contrast in order to attract attention.
    B.  Where is the eye drawn first when you see a piece of jewelry?
    C.  Describe the concept of "whole over the parts" emphasis.

The first 4 people who respond correctly will win four Lark Studio Series books.  She can't promise you which four, but if there is one you really, really want just let her know when you e-mail her with your answers and she'll see what she can do.  You can read more about the books here.  Please be sure to include your physical mailing address along with your answers!  

*NOTE:  By responding, you are giving Margie permission to publish your name (but not your e-mail address) as a winner.

Contest ends January 23, 2012

Remember, don't respond with the answers here on my blog.  You must send the answers directly to Margie in order to be eligible.

Good luck!

Here's a sneak peek at one of the attention capturing necklaces featured in the article: