Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm Ba-aaack!!

It's been a while. It's been a long, long, while. It's not that my life hasn't been busy or exciting, but quite the opposite, just about every second of every minute of every day is jammed packed. But, I've decided to take some time to revive this blog and tease you about my color report projects.

The picture above shows my 3 choices for the Fall/Winter 201o Pantone Color Report. When I'm making my choices for the report I like to pick 3 colors; one for fun, one because I know it will be an easy color for me to work with, and one for the challenge.

Lipstick Red: I love the color red, but rarely ever use it as the main color in my bead work, so I thought this would be a fun and sexy color to work with.

Oyster Gray: I'm not sure how this color is going to like on your monitors so I'll describe it as a warm putty gray with greenish-yellow undertones. I like cool grays with blue or green undertones so this has been the challenging color for me to work with. After 3 false starts I think I'm finally on track with a "sand & sea" theme, but we'll see......

Woodbine: Second to purple, I find greens to be the easiest colors to work with. To give it a bit of interest, I paired it with Endive: a very yellow green; Living Coral: bright, happy orange; Lagoon: a slightly dull teal; and Burnt Sienna: a deep earthy orange from the Fall/Winter 2009 report.

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