Friday, June 24, 2011

Approaching 200

No.  That's not my age or my weight.  I'm just 7 days away from practicing belly dance for 200 days, or 9,295 minutes.  When I hit Day 200 I'll reveal my idea for the costume that I plan on rewarding myself.  For now all I'm going to tell you is that it involves the color pink.   

And guess what?  Yesterday almost saw the end of my dancing streak.

It's a long, stupid story that starts with my hair stylist running 20 minutes behind schedule and ends with me having a low blood sugar crash which left me having some serious thoughts about not practicing at all.  But after a bit of ruminating I realized that I haven't let colds, migraines, pulled muscles, insane bead publishing related deadlines, or a broken foot stop me from finding some way to practice each day so I decided I wasn't going to let a silly little thing like low blood sugar stand in my way.

Most of this week's practice has been dedicated to getting caught up with the new content at GypsyNet, Ansuya Rathor's on-line belly dance classes, so I decided to revisit one of the zils classes taught by her mother, Jenaeni.  The first half of each 30-40 minute zil lesson is taught sitting on the floor practicing a single rhythm before standing up and combining it with some simple moves which don't require too much in the way of energy.  

Even if it was the most lackluster dance session I've ever done I felt the need to reward myself with something chocolatey or purpleish.  Or maybe something involving purple and chocolate...  Like maybe some lavender hot chocolate...  Curious?  Click here for the recipe.  

And now you know why I have a picture of lavender at the top of this post!

*lavender image provided by FreeDigitalPhotos  


  1. Oh yum, that sounds so delicious! I'm glad you didn't let yourself get derailed from your goal!

  2. Thanks! Did you take a look at that recipe? Are you going to try it? I made the hot chocolate, but cheated and used Redi-Whip in place of making whipped cream.

  3. I looked at the recipe, but as hot as it is I probably wouldn't try it until oh, say, December! I wonder if I could make it and then blend it with ice cream for a shake? :D

  4. I don't let something as conventional as the weather stop me from enjoying something tasty. I bet this would make for a delicious shake.

    Do you have Wildflower Bread Company restaurants in Tucson? If so, drop by and try a Georgia Peach Smoothie; yogurt, honey, peaches, lavender, and whipped cream. Tasty good and highly addictive!