Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August Went Whoosh!

Does anybody know what happened to August?  I seem to have missed most of it, which is highly unusual for me because this month has always appeared to be one boring, sweltering hot day after another.  

Thank goodness we've had all sorts of doctor's appointments to liven things up.

My daughter developed a nasty, scary infection in the blocked tear duct of her right eye which resulted in my having to put drops in her eye and convince her to drink some horrible "bubblegum" flavored liquid antibiotic three times a day.  The drops were easy enough, I put those into her eye while she was sleeping.  The neon pink obnoxious smelling antibiotic was a different story.  I tasted the stuff and it was truly disgusting so I can't blame her for not wanting to drink it.  

And, the doctor wanted to keep a close watch on the infection to make sure it didn't spread into the eye itself which meant taking her for quick trips to his office every 2 days in the 110+ heat.

And I'm getting ready for corrective eye surgery, internal contact lenses, next month and that has involved my own round of eye related appointments.  

So, all this means that there were several afternoons when I simply didn't want to do anything, let alone 30 minutes of dancing.  I almost convinced myself that I was absolutely raving, batty, crazy for even thinking about it.  Crazy I may be, but I'm also persistent.  It was a listless, dull practice with a heavy dose of "I couldn't care less.", but at least I did it.  

I'm still devoting the rest of this month to getting caught up on some neglected crochet projects and I have yet to buy a new camera.  I'm just not in the mood to deal with pushy sales people right now.

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