Friday, March 16, 2012


As promised here's a picture of the vintage goodies that I recently received from A Grain of Sand's "Curiosities" bead hoarder club. 

This first box contained mostly plastic, chain, and brass stampings along with some copper clasps, seed beads, glass, a few crystals, and two bangles that my daughter made off with in less than sixty seconds.

Indigo and I had a blast sorting through all of this and making up little piles for her bead stash, my inventory, our craft box, plus a few things for the donation box.   

Look at these adorable Scottie dog stampings!  I managed to sneak them out of the pile before Indigo saw them.  I have no idea as to what I'll be doing with them; they're too big for me to wear as earrings, and I don't know anyone who owns Scotties, so I may find a way to drill a hole in one so that Indigo can make it into a necklace for herself.

 It's mid March and I'm already looking forward to my next club shipment.  I'm wondering if this first box was a random mix or given that it had so much plastic and metal,  if maybe this was a theme.  Either way, it can't come soon enough for me!

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