Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Adventurous Egg

YAY!  Today is the day of the "Freeform Peyote Choose Your Own Adventure Reveal!"

The wooden eggs I found stashed away in my bead closet are 1 1/4" to 3 1/2" in size.  Seeing as how I was facing a time crunch I decided to start with the smallest ones and I plan to eventually to cover them all with beads.

 Egg #1:  Two different views:

Egg #2:  Experimenting with changing the beading path from horizontal to vertical:

 Egg #3:  Green! 

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  1. These eggs are fantastic! Creative and fun and great colors. I really appreciated your post about the anti-muse. That seems to be so true a lot of the time. Deadlines can cause the brain go completely blank.

  2. What a great idea. I love how it looks covered in beads.

  3. What a unique way to present Freeform Peyote! I hadn't even thought of covering a 3-dimensional object with freeform stitches. These will make gorgeous ornaments!! Great job SaraBeth!!

  4. Thank you, ladies!

    I'm having so much fun with these eggs!

  5. What a fun and totally creative idea, working with the eggs. I definitely want to see where Egg #2 and Egg #3 end up! I am so glad you found a way around your anti-muse because I can tell you straight up, she's WRONG!

    At the same time, I know how hard she can be to ignore, because I have one myself that regularly hisses venom at me if I let her.

  6. Love your 3d version of free form, the eggs are great

  7. Omygosh!!! I LOVE your egg!!!!!!! I can't wait to see them all finished, but the one you did - it's fabulous!!!!!!!!! :D :D

  8. What a great twist on the challenge! The Easter Bunny's got nothing on you, for sure! Your creativity is terrific.

  9. Your post yesterday was intriguing, I couldn't wait to see what you had to show us! I love that you decided to bead outside the box and experiment when you found the eggs. A project series like this really lets you play, and I love what you've done, and can't wait to see the green egg!

  10. Wow fantastic! - I have never tried this but it looks like fun. You get points for thinking outside the box.

  11. Love the idea of the eggs. You did them proud!!

  12. What a unique project! Great work!

  13. Thank you, everyone for all of your kind and inspiring comments and for sharing this break through moment with me.

  14. How awesome, SaraBeth! Love your idea!
    Egg # 1 is fabulous! Cannot wait to see the other two.

  15. Love your ffp egg...and your rock that is ffp embelished up in the left corner is pretty awesome too...thanks for sharing.

  16. Oh my gosh, beaded eggs!!! What an original and clever idea, and well-timed with Easter just around the corner.

    You make beading around a three-dimensional shape look so easy! From experience, I know how challenging it can be.

  17. Great idea. I hadnt thought about anything buy jewellery. Well done on such an original and unique idea

  18. Hi Sara Beth,
    I like that you did something different then a bracelet or a necklace. Wow freeform beaded eggs what a nice concept for Easter coming up. They are all going to be beautiful!

  19. Thank you, everyone! I appreciate all your wonderful comments. :-)