Monday, March 7, 2016

Facing More Than Bead Related Challenges

Along with the monthly Halcraft Pretty Palette challenges I've also decided to participate in Out On A Whim's first annual BEad Inspired design contest, and quite possibly in All About Beadweaving's Amulet Bag challenge as well.

I'm really loving the rich olive, topaz, russet, and ivory colors in the Autumn kit!
Compared to last year when I hardly did any bead work it seems as if I'm going just a tad bit crazy with the bead challenges, but I spent most of 2015 in The Black Hole of Depression and Despair and it feels good to be creative again.
I re-herniated 3 discs in my lower back in late January of last year, was in massive amounts of pain, and could barely walk which is why I sank into that terrible hole and hardly did anything at all, let alone beading; and most of what I did do I can barely remember.
I can recall only 6 things:
-losing my part time job at a dance studio
-a Western Spotted Skunk taking up temporary residence IN MY KITCHEN!!
-Indigo finding her bliss in synchronized swimming
-my Grandma passing away
-back surgery
-Indigo taking 3rd place at her first swim meet
This adorable l'il stinker was safely trapped and released into a nearby nature preserve.
My back is slowly getting better although I may have some permanent nerve damage which has left me with a partially numb and weak leg.  Following surgery in late August the doctors said it can take up to a year for the damaged nerves to heal, so there is a fair amount of hope that I will regain more, or possibly all, of the use of my left leg.  
If not...well...I'll deal with that when the time comes.  Indigo thinks I should give the synchronized swimming thing a try.
Either way, the depression has lifted and I'm slowly getting back into beading, dancing, yoga, and all the other things I love to do, which includes finishing the bead, crochet, cross stich, and other crafty WIPs I started last year. Here's one of the first!!

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