Saturday, June 19, 2010

Moving On

Here's an almost, but not quite finished, photo of one of my color report projects. I debated back and forth as to whether this should be a pendant or a brooch until a FB friend mentioned wearing brooches with scarves and sweaters. Now that got me to thinking! If I make this into a brooch then I can crochet a scarf or shawl to go with it. It's the same as making a necklace then buying an outfit to go with it, or vice versa.

The brooch is finished, the shawl pattern has been found, now I just need to hunt up the yarn.....

My color report projects are at Margie's house waiting to be photographed and I'm moving on to my next beading project. Think fuchsia, chartreuse, gold, and black. Think Swarovski!


  1. I ALWAYS think Swarovski ;) I even snuck some into my last tribal necklace... guess that makes it tribaret.

  2. Tribaret is good. I like Tribaret, especially Ansuya's dance style. If I was ever to be certified in a dance style, it would be hers.