Tuesday, January 11, 2011

By golly, I did it!

Today has most definitely been on of "those" days.  I was too wired last night after belly dance class and troupe to settle down to sleep until a little after 1:00 AM.  Round about 3:00, my darling daughter woke up crying, wanting Mommy, and wanting her NOW!!

Most of the time I can sleep just fine with her in bed with me, but this was not one of those times.  She was restless, rolling all over the bed, and taking the blankets with her, so "Goodbye!" to sleep for me.  I won't go into the sad details of how the rest of the early morning hours went, but believe me when I say it wasn't good.  

The end result is that it is now 4:30 in the afternoon Arizona time and I've had roughly 2 to 3 hours of sleep.  

30 minutes of belly dance?  That's just freakin' stupid crazy.  I don't want to do anything!  What's wrong with me?  Why did I sign myself up for this? Someone please hit me with The Stupid Stick!!

But I did it anyway.  I reviewed the hip slide and twist drills from last night's class.  My tantrum is over and I'm a good girl and I deserve a lollipop.  

Take that, sleep deprivation!  Consider yourself bopped on the nose with a zil. 

So that officially makes me 29 days and 932 hours into my challenge.