Saturday, January 29, 2011

Zombie Mommy Improves Her Shimmy In Less Than 60 Seconds

I apologize for not posting in a while.  My daughter sometimes has night terrors, which turns me into a one brain celled Zombie Mommy and her into a Cranky Face.  It's hard to string words into coherent sentences when you're suffering from sleep deprivation.  It also makes for a lackluster belly dance practice, but I'm still going strong at 46 days and 1,793 hours.  Which leads me to my promised post about how to improve your shimmy in less than 60 seconds.

Two weeks ago I was making my way through rush hour traffic to a make-up Tribal belly dance class and listening to a traffic report when I became aware of something unusual going on with the traffic ahead of me.  Unusual in the sense that there was a rusty orange little sporty type car HEADED STRAIGHT FOR ME!!  Lucky for me that the left turn lane that I frantically swerved into was empty of other cars and the #$%^!!& sporty car driver flew on by, and fortunately all the other cars behind me were able to get out of his, or her, way as well.  

Fuming, furious, and shaking like a leaf I made it safely to class a few minutes later and shimmied my way into the class room.  I shimmied through the warm-up, the drills, the learning of a few new moves and cues, the improve leading portion of the class, and through the cool down.  

So now I know that the secret to a good shimmy is having the pants scared off of me.  But my advise to you would be to keep up with the practicing.  It's safer and you'll have fewer gray hairs for it.  

P.S.  Later that night I checked the local news reports and didn't see anything about an accident caused by a deranged driver in a rusty orange car, so I'm hoping the idiot either removed himself from the road or the police did. 

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