Tuesday, February 1, 2011

To Thine Own Self Bead True

To thine own self bead true.....that's the lesson I learned while working on the Spring/Summer 2011 Pantone color report.  Back in December I wrote a post about the color scheme  you see below for one of my projects with the idea of using it in a bead embroidered heart pendant.
 But as you can see from this picture, the results were less than stellar.
In a word....yuck!  I don't know what I was thinking.  Well, actually I do.  I was thinking I was going to make this absolutely stunning, complex, over the top bead embroidered pendant that would have people sighing "Oooh!" and "Aaah!"  And that's just not me.  I definitely want my bead work to be considered stunning, but I also want it to be classy & elegant.  So I scrapped this whole idea and decided to go back to what I do best, good ol' classy & elegant.  Here's what I came up with.

Now this is more like it!  This is me!  Only three colors; lavender, green, & gold with some fabulous beaded beads designed by yours truly, faceted amethyst nuggets, and of course, Swarovski crystal. 

Of course I can't end this post without letting you all know that I'm still dancing strong at 50 days and 2,274 hours. 

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  1. Yuck? I don't know what you're talking about! I think it's a beautiful piece of bead embroidery. I'm also not much into wearing really HUGE jewelry pieces either, but what about a purse embellishment? You gotta use that for SOMEthing. Center of a belt? Actually I like the shape you already did, maybe just cut off the rest of the backing instead of making it a heart. Oh, or glue it to a wide copper upper arm cuff....or a barrette or headband. Just don't throw it out. Put it on a pillow? something.....