Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Belly Dance Goodies

I'm having issues with my camera, as in, it's broken, so I can't take a picture of the belly dance goodies that came in the mail today. But I can tell you what I ordered:

-Sagittarius belly dancer t-shirt.
-Sagittarius belly dancer journal: I like to write class notes & combos in purple notebooks.
-Pisces belly dancer tea mug: My daughter is a Pisces.

All featuring artwork by Lacy Chenault. Grab a cool drink and undulate on over to her website for a look-see.

Back to house work. Blecch! And no, I did not clean the toilets with a banana.


  1. I love Lacy's work! Once we finish our game room, which is also going to be my dancing space, I'm going to get some of her prints to hang in there :)

  2. Cool! Let me know what prints you buy!

    I'd like to have some of her Zodiac dancer prints, Sagittarius & Pisces, for my bead/yoga/dance room.

    Or an original. I think the prices on her originals are pretty reasonable.

    Any luck finding a good tribal group or teacher down there?