Monday, July 13, 2009

Belly Dance Monday

It's belly dance Monday.

Tonight is Sultry Sharqi class with Ava. Last week the focus was on doing Figure 8's & Mayas very, very sloooooowly. And by that I mean taking as much as four full 8-counts to complete just one Figure 8 or Maya. Intense! A few days later the sides of my waist and glutes were soooo sore. But a good, "Damn, I worked hard!" kind of sore.

What will Drill Sargent Ava have in store for us tonight?

Local tribal belly dancer, Yasmina, has an amazing website chock full of all sorts of belly dance information; a dancer/troupe spotlight (Myryka of Phoenix is the featured dancer), an events schedule, and teacher directory, just to name a new.


  1. My gosh, does every belly dancer in the state live in the valley? ;) I live down in Tucson but I've just started going up to Tempe weekly to take tribal lessons at Plaza de Anaya because no one down here teaches tribal. So lame. Love Anaya, but hate the drive!

  2. Hi AJ,

    Yes, Phoenix & N. AZ are blessed with lots of good belly dancers of all styles and some amazing teachers. I know there are a few good Cabaret teachers, like Kathryn Ferguson, in Tucson, but I don't know enought about Tribal to be able to send you in the right direction.

    Have you tried taking a look at Yasmina has an extensive list of belly dancer teachers of all styles from around the state.

    Good Luck & Happy Dancing!

  3. Hi SaraBeth,

    I'm pretty sure I've checked Yasmina's site. I've been on a couple of different lists of teachers, and everyone in Tucson is teaching some sort of Cabaret, unfortunately. It's weird! I know there are people who dance tribal down here, but none of them seem to give lessons.

    I just got back from my class in Tempe, though, and it was great and we saw beautiful lightning on the drive home, so I'm not in much of a mood to complain :)

  4. Have you approached any of the tribal troupes to see if some of the members teach lessons somewhere like a parks & recs program or maybe private lessons.

    Private lessons can be a bit pricey, but I like to take them once in a while to work on a "trouble spot."

  5. No, I haven't but I probably should!