Sunday, September 13, 2009

Updated My FB Album

Updated my FB album with a few new photos of my bead work.

The bracelet is called Autumn River and is one of the first embroidered cuffs I ever made.

This was probably one of the quickest palette of beads I ever put together. It literally took me only about 10 of 15 minutes to select all these beads.

I started with the warm bordeaux colored fresh water pearls, then almost immediately pulled from my stash size 6'0 & 8'0 seed beads, vintage 9'0 tri-cuts, 10'0 & 11'0 seed beads, 12'0 & 13'0 Charlottes, & 15'0 seed beads.

The design is embroidered on Lacy's Stiff Stuff, that was then glued to a brass cuff blank, and backed with a piece of muted peach ultra-suede.

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