Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yoga, Yoga, Yoga-15 days & Counting

Yes!!! I am now 15 days into my 30 day yoga challenge and am feeling better than good.

I started this challenge with no specific goal in mind other than to practice every day and quietly observe the changes within myself. The most significant change has been that I can direct my breath into and release an area of muscles that feels tense, which is something I've been able to carry over and use when practicing belly dance techniques and drills.

The improved mind-body connection also means that I am feeling more fluid and light as I move through the asanas, (and through the rest of my day), as well as more relaxed and energized.

The big bonus is that I am sleeping better and have returned to being aware of and able to control my dreams, which is something that I have always enjoyed.

On a purely physical level I have recovered my ability to set in a straddle position and bend forward all the way to the floor with ease and have nearly recovered both splits.


  1. Yeah! You rock! So glad that you're getting great results from challenging yourself :)

  2. Thanks AJ. A litte bit of change, but mostly recovery at this point. I'm getting back to the way I was before I became ill, among other things, about 3 years ago.

    Although I can't say the past 3 years have been entirely bad. I have a sweet little tater tot to show for it! ;-)