Monday, December 27, 2010

Birthday Bead Booty

A few posts ago I promised I would show you a picture of my birthday bead booty.  With the exception of the Linda Roberts dichroic cabochon everything here was bought from local bead shops like D&I Beads and Beads Galore.  I decided to keep my shopping local this year to do what I can to help my local bead economy.

The faceted free form rhyolite slabs are more beautiful in person than what you see in the picture.  So at this point I have to apologize for my lousy photography skills and promise that I will be improving them in the new year.  To start with I'm going to either invest in or learn to make a light box.   

I'm thinking of using some of these curved glass tube beads with the Linda's cabochon, but with me you just never know!

Something Margie Deeb said in an interview had me rethinking some of my color report projects so it looks as if I'll be pulling a few all nighters in order to make her deadline.  In the meantime you can read the interview for yourself here.   

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