Friday, December 31, 2010

It"s Shimmy Time!!

Yes, folks!  Tomorrow is the first day of the 365 Days of Belly Dance commitment started by Lisa Zahiya

In case you're wondering what this is all about, well, I'll tell you.  It's a commitment to practice belly dance for a minimum of 30 minutes every day in 2011.  

I decided to give my 365 days a trial run by starting on December 14th.  In the past 18 days I have experienced a cold, a few migraines, holiday craziness, a funeral, publishing deadlines, assorted Mommihood duties, and I still managed to squeeze in 30 minutes of belly dance, as well as a home yoga practice every single day.  I'm so proud of me!!!  

And if I can keep it up for 18 days solid, I can do it for 365.

This trial run also gave me a chance to fine tune my practice.  For the most part it is going to center around classes and performance schedules.  And because I'm passionate about all forms of dance, and believe that one type of dance benefits another, I've decided to include any dance class I take in the coming year as part of my commitment.  Princess Farhana wrote a wonderful article about the value of cross training for all dancers which you can read about by clicking here

A few belly dance instructors like Ansuya and Suhalia Salimpour offer on-line classes, and may give those a try this summer when there aren't too many belly dance happenings going on here in sunny Arizona.

Of course dancing for the sake of dancing and letting it be it's own reward did cross my mind.  Manicures?  Pedicures?  Chocolate?  New practice clothes?  Those are all so tempting, but decided to take a page from AJ Reardon's book and reward myself monetarily.  I'm going to put $2 a day aside for every day that I practice and put it towards an extra special costume.  I already have a general idea for it in mind, but I'll tell you more about that later. 

So, are you ready to join me and shimmy on into 2011 and beyond?  It's going to be a fabulous journey!  


  1. YAY! I'm glad you were more successful with your head start than I was.

    I can't wait to see what your extra-special costume will be :)

  2. Thank you!

    As for the costume, I can't wait to see it either. :-) It will depend on whether or not the fabric I already will work for a bedlah. If not, all I will say about it now, is that I'm going to be very, very sad.

  3. Oh, you're going to make the costume? Hmmm... at $2/day, I'm guessing there will be a lot of Swarovski involved :D

  4. Nope. I'm not going to make the costume. I'll have someone do it for me, which is why I'll be setting aside $2 a day. Costume fairies don't work for third world wages, even if I am supplying most of the materials.

    And, yes. It will be involving Swarovski, possibly "volcano."