Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pantone's Color of the Year for 2011 is.....

....."Honeysuckle!"  It's a fabulous reddish-pink, a geranium pink, and unlike the Color of The Year for 2010, "Turquoise", which was hugely popular, people either really, really like, or really, really don't like this color.  

I'm in the really, really like category as long as it's in small doses.  Paired with chocolate brown, or honey yellow, or as an accent to champagne peach this would be lovely.  It would also be stunning with olive, black, and hints of gold.  

So far, I've used this color as an accent with two of my color report projects.  First in a rivoli necklace of "Beeswax,"  a honey yellow, "Blue Curacao", a green tinged turquoise, and "Coral Rose", rich orange.  

Another project is a retro beaded amulet bag in "Silver Peony", a lovely champagne peach, "Silver Cloud", a glowing gray, "Russet", orange based brown, "Coral Rose", and good ol' "Honeysuckle."

Sorry, no pics available, but I'll be starting my final Color Report project soon so I'll take pictures of that as it progresses.  

In the meantime, click here to see "Honeysuckle" at work in the fashion world, read more about the Color of the Year on the Pantone web site, or click here to see how to not wear "Honeysuckle."


  1. Pinks are always polarizing... Like yellow, it's a color that a lot of people don't look good in. And some people, like me, associate it with relatives who wanted us to be girly-girls and couldn't stand it when we wanted to be tom-boys. Who knows what those relatives think now that I'm a belly dancer ;)

    And of course, it sucks for us beaders because it's so hard to get a decent, color-fast pink!

  2. I was kind of surprised at the somewhat negative response to this color. I thought more people liked pink.

    A few years ago one of our neighbors painted her house Pepto Pink. You should've heard the uproar! She actually did it on purpose, just to annoy people.

    My negative color association is with turquoise. My Mom had birth defects, was sick quite a bit, lots of surgeries. She used to come home from the hospital with all this turquoise plastic stuff like cups, pitchers, etc. For me, turquoise means hospitals, illness, scary things like that. I've tried to get over it, but can't quit get myself there. And we live in the land of turquoise.

    So, if I get over turquoise will you get over pink?